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All wavs are in MPEG 3-Layer WAV 32kBit 22,050 Hz mono format. This type of compression allows you to keep good sound integrity of the wav and keeps the size small as well. They will play in chatrooms as well as windows sound recorder or windat. Note to people on AOL: This format will come up as 0:00 on AOL's wav player because the AOL Wav player only supports 8 or 16 bit wavs. However it WILL play in the chatrooms. Use your windows wav player or the chatroom to hear the wavs.

If you download a wav and you still cannot hear it in a chatroom or using Sound Recorder, you need the codec for MPEG format installed. Click here to download the MPEG format codec so your system will support this format MPEG.EXE. Simply run the file and it should install what you need to hear the wavs. Now simply use your Sound Recorder to hear the wavs. For more information on MPEG format, see FAQ about MPEG 3-Layer WAV Format.

7.78KRen: "Thank goodness it was only a dream!"
12.5KStimpy: "We're alive!!! Alive! I tell you, alive!!"
21.3KRen: "Something came out of your butt, it made a sound and it smelled funny."
134KRen rants about being the keeper of the cheese.
10.4KRen: "Wahhhhhhhhhh!!! You eedddiottt!!!"
23.2KCaptain Picard: "Lets see what this galaxy class starship can do.."
Ren: "Don't touch it!! It's the history eraser button!! You fool!!!"
23KRen : "Goodnight Stimpy.."
Stimpy: "Goodnight Ren!"
85.4KMy theme WAV! A clip of the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!
26.7KRen: "You stupid (smack) idiot! You (smack) filty worm! ....."
16.3KRen: "Stimpy, sometimes your wealth of ignorance astounds me."
4.23KStimpy: "Joy!"
114KThe LOG Song!
69.2KMuddy Mudskipper singing (I believe): "If'n you ain't the granddaddy of all liars, and the little critters of nature. They don't know that they're ugly. That's very funny. A fly marrying a bumble bee. I told you I'd shoot! But you didn't believe me! Why didn't ya believe me!!?"
47.3KA Ren and Stimpy message for your phone answering machine.
19.8KRen: "Shutup you fool! How do you know we can trust ... THEM?"
11.4KStimpy: "I smell something stinkkkyyyyy!"
10.7KRen: "I've had enough of your stuppiidd questions!"
20.1KStimpy: "Go ahead Ren, eat the nice vermin!"

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